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5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi I am one of the home owners who signed their EQC land claim to IAG. I live in flood prone zone. When I did this the foundation repairs were for a new foundation. This has been now been changed to a smart lift which means it will be lower than the new foundation would have been. Where do I stand on this situation?

    kind Regards


  2. Hi Pip,
    give the Residential Advisory Service (RAS) a call. They give free legal and/or technical advice. Community Law does their legal advice and a panel of independent engineers do their technical reviews.

    Phone: 03 379 7027 or 0800 777 299

  3. Hi
    We have been offered a payout following 3 year of working towards rebuild.
    We have had nothing in writing , only verbal confirmation
    We had plans done and paid for by insurance .Building product was MAGroc quote was excessive ie $3000.00 with NO foundation cost!! Vero will not allow another building company to do quote
    Vero are now saying no longer a economical repair and have presented a payout figure
    where do we go for advice please??

    TC3 solutions for foundation –

    Thanks Pip

  4. Hi Lew and thanks for the question. We will pass it into the EQC Customer Advocacy Group meeting (CAG) and come back with a response when we get it.

  5. Hi Carmel, Leanne and Marcus,

    Another question for CAG/EQC, if it has not already been asked. Does EQC accept that the High Court ruling of 2011 that determined that EQC cover is renewed after each event as long as the property remains insured, also applies to land damage and therefore obliges EQC to apportion this land damage. If it does, can it a) confirm that it will do this, and b) explain why it has not for the residential properties whose land claims it has already settled.

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