• Has your progress with Southern Response stumbled to a halt?
  • Do you feel like you’re not heard or respected, or can’t be bothered any more?
  • Do you wish you could have a frank and open conversation with the people who can make decisions?
  • Do you need support to get things moving again?

If any of these questions resonate with you, then Breakthrough might be able to help.

What is it?
Breakthrough is a pilot project between the independent community organisation CanCERN and Southern Response that puts the homeowner’s needs at the centre. It enables you to tell them where it’s gone wrong for you and how it could be better. It gets everyone on the same page so that common sense solutions can be worked out.

Does it work?
For one family, a big leap of faith and two facilitated Breakthrough meetings ended two and a half years of no progress:

“This is a phenomenal programme. We have found our insurer willing to listen. We are moving forward now, unstuck after many years. CanCERN were incredibly supportive, following up our questions and ensuring timely answers were provided.”
Jan, Breakthrough participant

Breakthrough has the support of senior management at Southern Response:

“We understand the earthquake claims process can be challenging. From our perspective, and constructive dealings with CanCERN, we are confident we can work together to improve our interaction and relationship with affected customers.”
Peter Rose, Southern Response Chief Executive

The process
If you’d like to know whether Breakthrough could work for you, get in touch so we can hear a bit about your situation. If we all agree Breakthrough is the way to go,

We will facilitate the space for you to:

  • talk to Southern Response about your experience and progress to date
  • clearly explain where you are currently stuck
  • explore pragmatic solutions for progress

We won’t:

  • advocate for a specific claim outcome
  • give policy, legal, or technical advice

Marcus Irvine
CanCERN Communications Manager
027 304 8092

CanCERN is a community organisation advocating for the prioritisation of homeowners in residential recovery decision-making and delivery.

5 thoughts on “Breakthrough

  1. Hello, it has all become a bit too hard for AMI/ southern response, and they have today told me after much tooing and frooing that they are choosing as per my insurance policy to pay me out and not fix my house. Are they just allowed to do that ??
    Thanks Liz

  2. Hi Satish. Breakthrough does not run with IAG at the moment but I’m happy to have a chat about your situation and see if we can help. I believe we have been in touch before. Call Leanne on 0276555665.

  3. Do you help people who are with IAG as well?
    I have problems with IAG and ours is a cross lease dwelling. Any help would be great

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